Workelo main updates ✨

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October, 4th 2021

A new way to create your templates ⭐

We enhanced mainly our Templates functionality in order to help you create or modify them easily and show a good overview of the upcoming track you're working on.

Browse the following updates below to discover in details this main update !

Put yourself in the place of your employee 👀

Visualize completely the track  : all the key steps, including Moments of Truth, Books (Welcome book, Mobility book and Leave guide) and Planning, are now visible in the template.

The template is now divided in 2 parts to view each experience more cleary : Employee's track on one side and the involved Actors' track on the other side (HR, Manager, etc.).

The template is now displayed on a timeline, where you may add elements (Quiz, Task, Event, etc.) at the most suitable moment : at the beginning of a track or at a specific week.

Build your template in one-click  💨

Split up the upcoming track in weeks (Week - X or Week X, depending on the start date) by create as many blocs as needed in the timeline.

Add easily an element in the timeline by drag'n'dropping it in a week's block and decide their order of appearance at the same date by drag'n'dropping between each of them.

And many more evolutions !

Add a reminder to an event to plan later ⏰

In your templates, add events to plan later by the organizer, and decide now when should he be reminded to plan the date, in order to help him plan it when it is relevant.

Example : You had an event for a "Trial period appraisal", to plan later by the Manager ->  add to it a reminder date on Week 12 (3 months later after Starting date). Manager will only be reminded on this action on Week 12.

  • Visualise the progress of Quiz and Surveys directly on the Profile page, without clicking on a button.
  • The "Edit" button to modify a track is now displayed in the centered buttons of the page.
  • You may access to the printable view of the track by clicking on the "View" button.

July 2021

Cancel a track ⏱️

Cancel an ongoing track ( no-show, employee withdrawal, break trial period, etc.) in order to both cut off employee's platform access and save records of his past actions.  You will find the results in your follow-up reports with a "Cancelled track" status.

Choose your language from your Profile page 🇫🇷

Select now your language from your Account settings, "Profile & Language" section.

April 2021

Manage all Employees' Movements in Workelo  

Because each experience must be unique, you may rely on Workelo to manage, in addition to onboarding, also their mobility inside your company (crossboarding: new position, maternity leave return, organizational changes) and their departure from the company (offboarding).

Get in touch with us to discover and discuss about these new products !

Create quickly Movements for your employees

Create all your employee tracks by clicking on the "Create" button displayed on your navigation bar. If you add new movements other than Preboarding and Onboarding in your account, you will be able to create them directly from this page!

Define precisely the participants involved in a track  

When creating a new track, define the participants who must be involved in this track thanks to a new dedicated step "Participants".

We made 2 major changes :

  • A quick description for each participant role, in order to know who will fit best to this role in your company
  • The rights of each participant have been reworked for being easily understood  

Mandatory roles :


Main contact for the Boardee, the HR will have access to all the aspects of the plan and may edit it globally if needed. (exemple : HR Manager, HRBP)


2nd main contact for the Boardee, the Manager may discover the prepared plan, do all needed actions and add tasks or events in the plan if needed.

Specific roles, that we may activate for you :


He will be notified of this new mission and may validate all his assigned actions on Workelo, if you assigned him actions.

Administrative Officer

In charge of the follow-up of ALL administrative forms in the track. He will be notified when all forms will be completed and may access to them. (exemple : Payroll responsible, Workforce Administration responsible, etc.)


He may also access to the track details, validate his assigned actions and add new resources to the track if needed. (exemple : Assistant or deputy of the Manager, N+2, etc.)

Those new rights, descriptions and titles replace the old participants 2nd Manager and HR Assistant. If those old participants were activated on your account, the actors Administrative Officer and Contributor will be added automatically.

My Actions page evolves

We redesigned the My Actions page to answer better its objective, check quickly the actions on which you've been assigned for an employee :

  • Search quickly an employee with a search bar for who you have an assigned action to validate
  • Check easily your tasks and see on which day it must be done

Follow-up all your movements at the same place

Vous allez pouvoir piloter l'ensemble de vos mouvements sur la page Collaborateurs : intégrations, mobilités et départs. Les "intégrations" deviennent donc un type de Mouvement.

Preferences of your account

Your Preferences page will be opened in a new tab to help you manage it on a full screen. The experience management will be divided for each movement (on/cross/off -boarding).

We remain at your disposal if you have any questions !

March 2021

Congratulations screen  🎉  [Boardee]

Once the Boardee finished his plan, a congratulations screen appears to honor this great success!  He/she will discover a summary of all the actions done on the app and will be able to retrace all his/her achievements if needed.

January 2021

Update pulse_check module [RH][Onboardee]

For the moments of truth, the pulse_check's third emoji has been changed

😍 😀 🙂 😐 instead of 😍 😀 😏 😐

Template automatically applied [RH]

During the kick off of a new mobility, the template chosen is automatically applied

December 2020

🔥 New mobile app [Onboardee]

New mobile application available for all new onboardees personnalized with your company's color (pink in this example). The onboardee will find 4 main tabs :

  • Actions : to perform and retreive all his to ongoing, coming or done actions at any time
  • Guide : to discover his new company
  • Agenda : to miss no event
  • Team : to ask one of his new team member in case of question

October 2020

🔥 Manager engagement [Manager]

Your managers play a key role in the success of any integration. They make a major contribution to the engagement and motivation of your onbaordees.

To make their work even easier, we have decided to :

  • Redesign the Manager interface to access all the relevant information in just a click away.
  • Make a smoother connection to Workelo thanks to our secure links.

Quiz: add description to the answer  [HR][Onboardee]

When creating a quiz, it is now possible to add a description to the answer. This detail will appear for the recruit when he/she has successfully completed the quiz and access to all the answers.

New way to validate actions [Onboardee]